Instagram It-Girl Rachel Tee Tyler Is Always Evolving, And So Is Her Style

Rachel Tee Tyler is a Filipina-Australian content creator and model with enviable style and seriously good taste in fashion. 

With almost 400K followers on Instagram, what started as a hobby has since rapidly grown into an established position as a go-to content creator and digital it-girl. Read more below and check out Rachel’s edit here.

What does fashion mean to you and how do you approach it?

To me, fashion is a creative form of self-expression! It’s not only a way for me to externalise my personality, but also to try on different personas and express my different moods. 

Do you feel like fashion evolved in the past years, and how?

Yes and no! We all know fashion is cyclical, but now I’ve gotten to the stage where I’m actually reliving trends past. It’s truly fascinating to see trends I’ve worn once before come back into popularity! But the modern iterations feel fresh and relevant to the current times, so in that way fashion is always evolving. I feel like the way people are expressing themselves through fashion has also evolved. It feels louder and prouder, with a lot more unique style and individuality being embraced. I love to see it.

How would you define your style?

Gosh, I get bored so easily! So my style changes a lot. But as of this moment, I’ve settled into a more dark and moody but subdued look. After the maximalist trends just past, I’m finding myself gravitating towards the complete opposite - blacks, greys and muted colours. My wardrobe is filled with a mix of high-quality basics and archival vintage designer pieces. I’m definitely collecting more of my “forever” items.

Is there a fashion icon you look up to?

No-one necessarily for style, however I recently saw Devon Aoki absolutely slay an Acne Studios campaign and was reminded of what an icon she is! She always was and clearly still is!

If you could describe your style in three words, what would they be?

Dark quiet luxury.

What are some of the key items you’re shopping for right now?

I recently thrifted my perfect leather jacket and I’m looking to replace my favourite leather boots.

What’s the best item you’ve ever bought on sale?

The most recent score that comes to mind is a pair of Maison Margiela Mary Jane tabi shoes. They were the last pair in my size, so I got a few hundred off the price.

What are important factors that influence you to shop a certain item or brand?

I love brands that have a clear and unique identity. I’m the type of person that when I love a brand and feel it truly aligns with my style, I will be a fan forever. There are brands who I don’t have to think twice about shopping with, because they speak so loudly to my personal style. Quality of course is also so important, as well as brand ethos and sustainability.

Where do you usually shop for anything fashion/accessories related?

I do the majority of my shopping online, a pandemic habit that I never kicked! Going into store and trying things on just seems like a lot of work nowadays.

Top tips to shop designer pieces without breaking the bank?

Outlets like The DOM are an amazing place to score luxury pieces without the expensive price tag! I also love shopping vintage for more unique pieces at a cheaper price point.

How do you keep up with the latest trends?

I think you can see the next trends if you look closely at what’s happening currently. There tends to be a pendulum effect where the opposite of what’s current will come into favour. Like high-rise being booted for ultra low waists, and maximalist fashion being replaced with the capsule wardrobe. And of course fashion trend cycles repeating, albeit much quicker now!

2023’s must-haves?

I’m loving the switch from dainty gold to chunky silver jewellery and accessories. Ballet flats are a trend I can get behind, so comfy and cute! Layering pieces, especially skirts, are my go-to at the moment. I love that I can wear them on their own during the warmer months, but then over pants for the cooler weather. And lots of black, haha!

Shop Rachel’s edit here.

What are some timeless pieces to you?

A leather jacket, a quality pair of boots and a chic black handbag.

How do you stay in fashion while being eco-conscious?

I love vintage shopping and thrifting! It’s probably where I find my favourite pieces. It’s so great to be able to give new life to an older item that would otherwise end up in landfill. And I feel like every item has a story to tell.

What are 1-2 outfits you could live in forever?

Anything black and textural that plays with proportion. Voluminous maxi skirts with small or sheer tops and sleek boots. But realistically, a sweatsuit if you’re taking forever, haha!

Go-to date/girls night outfit?

I love leaning into my femininity when I’m with the girls! So you’ll see me in a cute ultra-mini or full tulle skirt. And maybe a big blazer from my partner’s wardrobe thrown over the top for comfort. Gotta be comfy.

Favourite sale events?

I love a good warehouse sale. That might be the only time when shopping in person feels worth it. Probably a mix of adrenaline and endorphins from digging around and scoring the ultimate bargain.