The Ultimate Guide to Being a Savvy Shopper

Whether you’re feeling the effects of an unstable economy, planning ahead for a big spend down the road or just looking to budget better, most of us go through times in our lives when saving money is a priority.

 While the simplest answer might be to only buy the essentials and never treat yourself to new clothes or little luxuries, it’s important not to overlook the impact your wardrobe can have on your creativity and self-expression – not to mention day-to-day practicality.

For the fashion-conscious folks out there who love their wardrobe but don’t want the guilt that often comes with new purchases, we promise it’s possible to have your cake and eat it too. Here are our best tips for savvy shopping and deal hunting, so you can balance fashion with financial responsibility.

Know Where to Shop

If you’re looking to save money on your wardrobe, make a habit out of shopping with online stores that hold regular sales or a dedicated online outlet like The DOM. “ is my favourite place to shop the brands I love such as Gigi & Tom, Lioness and Ownley for a fraction of the cost. It’s also a great place to discover new brands I have never shopped before.” Georgia Clay, Influencer.
Scrolling through over 250 brands on one site is a much better use of your time than scrolling through 250 individual stores, and because everything’s available at up to 70% off you know you’re saving money every time you check out.

Make a Wardrobe Wishlist

If there’s a piece of clothing you just have to have but the price tag is off-putting, consider starting a fashion wishlist. Keep a list of your dream purchases, updating it whenever something new catches your eye. The DOM makes this so easy it’ll become second nature – when you sign up for an account, you can ‘heart’ items as you shop. If you look back at your list later and realise the urge has passed, then congratulations: you saved yourself some money.

On the flip side, however, if you’re still thinking about it weeks or months later, you can use your wishlist as a bargain hunter’s checklist. Any time you’re scrolling online or consulting your favourite stores, you can keep an eye out for discounts on your wishlist items and snatch them up as soon as they go on sale or are added to an outlet site.

Shop Out of Season

 This is our entire philosophy at The DOM: rejecting the trend cycle and reclaiming last-season fashion. The latest releases and current collections will always be more expensive, but we don’t believe ‘last-season’ is a dirty word. Buying clothes from seasons past means discounts and savings, and we promise it won’t make you any less fashionable.

In a similar vein, consider adopting a seasonless approach to fashion. A capsule wardrobe full of staple pieces that can be worn in different, creative ways throughout the entire year will mean that you’re getting a lot more use out of everything you buy.

Set Yourself a Budget

It’s a slippery slope from ‘I deserve to treat myself’ to ‘I’ve emptied my bank account’. Even a loose budget can encourage more responsible, meaningful spending and keep that post-purchase guilt at bay. You might set yourself a monthly wardrobe budget, a limit on a single shopping spree or a maximum spend on any single garment. That way, you can still update your wardrobe and enjoy a dopamine hit without regretting it the next time you’re at the supermarket.

Sign Up to Newsletters

Most brands, online stores and outlets have dedicated email newsletters for their customers. While you might be reluctant to flood your inbox, a savvy shopper is an informed shopper. Having alerts for new arrivals, sales and discount codes delivered right to your email ensures you’ll never miss an opportunity to save.

The DOM sends out a weekly newsletter highlighting all our new brands, fresh drops and current discounts, so you know exactly the kind of deals you can find on the site.

Know Your Personal Style

The purchase you regret the most will always be the one you never end up wearing. Engaging in self-reflection and having a good idea of your own style is some of the best groundwork you can do before shopping. We’re big believers in a wardrobe that showcases your personal style over the latest trends, and encourage everyone to buy clothes that make you feel inspired.

That’s not to say you shouldn’t step outside your comfort zone, but think long and hard about whether you really like something and whether you’ll actually get wear out of it.

Don't Forget About Promo Codes

Before you hit checkout, do a little digging for valid promo codes. Check your inbox if you’re signed up to the site’s newsletter, search for codes to try online, or install a dedicated code-finding app that does the work for you. You might come up empty, but you also might get lucky.

Know When to Shop

You might not be able to control when the urge to shop hits you, but you can control when you give in and fill your cart. National and international sale holidays like Boxing Day and Black Friday are obviously the biggest opportunities to score deals, but we know that big sales periods can get a little overwhelming.

At The DOM, the right time for discount hunting is all year round. We don’t save up our sales for certain times of year, which alleviates the pressure to make the right decisions in a frenzied 24-hour sale period. You can plan your shopping trips around payday, identify when you have extra wriggle room in your budget and find a great deal when you actually need one.