Find Your Perfect Bikini

Looking for the ideal bikini to compliment your body shape and reflect your personal style? Whether you lean towards bold patterns or classic cuts, our guide dives into selecting bikinis that flatter different figures and the variety of styles available. Find out how to achieve a balanced beach look and get a sneak peek into the exciting world of bikini shopping – both online and off.
No matter your body type, there’s a bikini style that will flatter your shape. Know whether you’re an apple, pear, athletic, hourglass, or rectangle to choose bikinis with the right support and coverage.
Exploring different bikini bottom styles is key to finding your best fit. Whether high-waisted, hipster, tie-side, triangle, or cheeky, each has its own vibe and comfort level.
When shopping online for swimwear, use the sizing chart, customer reviews, and free shipping/returns to ensure a perfect fit that you can feel confident in.

Choosing the Right Bikini for Your Body Shape

Understanding your body shape is crucial when trying to find a bikini that both fits well and highlights your figure. Whether you’re an apple, pear, athletic, hourglass, or rectangle, every body shape has its unique characteristics that can be accentuated with the right bikini style. Achieving a balanced bikini look is all about balancing your proportions. For instance, if you have a larger bust, opting for tops with more support can help balance your figure. Similarly, if you have wider hips, bottoms with more coverage can create a harmonious silhouette. Did you know?
Apple Body Shape
If you’re an apple shape, you’re in good company! This body type is characterised by a fuller bust and midsection, with less emphasis on the hips. Choosing bikinis should have the goal of highlighting your curves and giving your torso a longer appearance. Here are some tips for choosing bikinis for apple shapes:
  • Opt for wide and low necklines to help separate the bust from the midsection, creating a longer, leaner look.
  • Consider bikini tops with bold designs if you have larger breasts.
  • If you have wide shoulders, it’s best to sidestep strapless or thin straps.
Yet, how about the bottoms? Patterned bottoms with side-ties can enhance your hip curves, adding definition where it’s preferred. A tankini top paired with a high-waisted bottom can offer a flattering look for the apple shape, providing tone and coverage in the midsection. In other words, the key strategies for apple body shape swimsuit selection are accentuating legs and bust while adding curves to hips and waist.
Pear Body Shape
Greetings to our pear-shaped beauties! With your fuller hips and thighs and smaller bust, you’ve got a lot to play with when it comes to bikinis. The goal here is to draw attention to your upper body while elongating your legs to create a harmonious silhouette. Bikini tops with frills, ruffles, underwire or even padded cups such as off-the-shoulder or boat-neck tops, or pieces with bold prints and colours can draw attention to your upper body, balancing out your fuller lower half.
And if you’re keen on creating a harmonious silhouette, try mixing a vibrant and eye-catching bikini top with a more subdued and darker-coloured bottom. The contrast not only creates balance but also adds a fun twist to your beach ensemble!
Athletic Body Shape
Athletic body types, it’s your turn! Your natural features are a canvas for creating a balanced and stylish beach look. If you have this body type, your shoulders might be broader, and your body might be more straight up and down. But did you know? There are bikini styles out there that are designed just to accentuate your natural features and create a balanced silhouette.
Bikini tops that feature wide necklines, plunging necklines, or padded cups can minimise the appearance of broad shoulders and add shape to the chest area. And when it comes to bottoms, selecting high-cut bikini bottoms or bottoms with bold patterns and styling can showcase a smaller waist, draw attention to the legs, and add definition to wider hips without adding volume. The key is to pick bikini tops and bottoms that create visual interest and enhance the natural lines of your body.
Hourglass Body Shape
Hourglass figures, your turn has come! With your balanced bust and hip measurements and well-defined waist, you’re the embodiment of symmetry. Surprisingly enough, vintage styles of swimwear are a great way to accentuate your body shape. Here are some tips:
  • Halter neck bikini tops or tankinis can enhance your figure by flattering your shoulder and bust area.
  • High-waisted bottoms can highlight your waist and create a slimming effect.
  • One-piece swimsuits with ruching or gathering at the waist can accentuate your curves.
  • Bold prints and patterns can draw attention to your hourglass shape.
And let’s not forget the bottoms. High-waisted bikini bottoms are a fantastic choice for hourglass figures as they highlight your waist and offer tummy coverage. If you’re looking to maintain balance and highlight your natural curves, consider selecting simple bottoms and tops with straps across the shoulders. It’s all about highlighting your natural symmetry and curves!
Rectangle Body Shape
Finally, but not any less important, rectangle body shapes! If your bust, waist, and hip measurements are fairly similar, you fall into this category. But fret not, there are plenty of bikinis that can add volume and definition to your shape. Bikini tops suited for your body shape include padded tops, tie front tops, and those with ruffles. And when it comes to bottoms, high-cut bikini bottoms can draw attention to the hips, complementing your body shape. You can also benefit from bikinis with bold patterns, colours, ruffles, frills, and ruching to add extra volume to the hips and bust. Remember, your goal is to create the illusion of curves to add interest to your straight-up-and-down figure.

Exploring Different Bikini Bottom Styles

Having covered body shapes, it’s time to plunge into the wide array of bikini bottom styles. From high-waisted and hipster to tie-side, triangle, and cheeky bottoms – there’s a perfect pair waiting for every beach diva out there. Their appeal lies not just in their appearance, but also in the comfort they provide. After all, nothing beats the confidence of flaunting a bikini that complements your body shape, fits like a dream, and aligns with your personal style!
High-Waisted Bikini
High-waisted bikini bottoms, boasting a retro ‘50s style, have become increasingly popular these days. They cover the belly button and match up with the natural waist, creating a silhouette that’s both flattering and stylish. If there’s one bikini bottom style that’s a silhouette-enhancer, it’s the high-waisted bikini bottom.
Brands like The DOM have a line of high-waisted bikini bottoms for women, each with its unique style and charm. The variety is as vast as the ocean itself. So, if you’re looking to accentuate your waist and create a flattering figure, high-waisted bikini bottoms could be your go-to style this season!
Hipster Bikini Bottoms
If you’re looking for a contemporary, low-rise fit, hipster bikini bottoms could be your choice. These bottoms are characterised by:
  • A thick band that hugs the hips.
  • Offering a medium-to-low-rise fit that’s both contemporary and stylish.
  • Providing slightly less than full coverage on the buttocks, which adds a unique touch to their look.
Styles like the Serena bikini bottom, available in colours such as black, platinum, gold, and pink blush, can complement a variety of bikini tops, making them a versatile addition to your swimwear collection. So, if you’re looking for a bikini bottom that’s a blend of modern and sexy, hipster bottoms could be your perfect match!
Tie-Side Bikini Bottoms
If customization and comfort are your priorities, you might want to consider tie-side bikini bottoms. These bottoms feature adjustable fabric ties at the sides, letting you achieve a perfect, personalised fit. From the Fanny tie side bikini bottom in blush and navy blue to the Tamara bikini bottom in purple lurex and the Leah reversible bikini bottom in green/pumpkin, the choices are endless.
Tie-side bikini bottoms are not just about comfort, though. They also offer a unique style element that can amp up your beach look in an instant. So, if you want a bikini bottom that lets you adjust the fit while keeping you stylish, tie-side bikini bottoms could be your best bet!
Triangle Bikini Bottoms
For those who are adventurous and beautiful, triangle bikini bottoms are a must-try. Known for their minimal coverage design, these bottoms offer a less conservative option for beachwear. Styles like the Leah reversible tie-side bikini bottom and the Tamara triangle bikini bottom, available in colours like green and purple, can make a bold beach statement.
The minimal coverage design of triangle bikini bottoms is ideal for those looking to minimise tan lines and enjoy a bolder beach look. If you’re seeking a fashionable and revealing swimsuit option, triangle bikini bottoms could be your perfect pick!
Cheeky Bikini Bottoms
On the hunt for something playful and flirtatious? Say hello to cheeky bikini bottoms. Recognized for their playful look and less coverage, these bottoms are designed to accentuate the glutes with more exposure at the back.
Styles like the Diane bikini bottom, available in black, terracotta red, and camel, can add a fun twist to your beach ensemble. So, if you’re ready to turn up the heat this summer, consider slipping into cheeky bikini bottoms!

Bikini Coverage Levels and Comfort

While we’ve discussed styles, the significance of a good fit and comfort in bikini bottoms shouldn’t be overlooked. After all, feeling secure and at ease in your bikini is essential for a day of fun under the sun. Bikini bottoms come in a variety of coverage levels to suit your style and comfort preferences, including:
  • Full coverage
  • Moderate coverage
  • Cheeky coverage
  • Brazilian cut
Whether you prefer maximum coverage or the bold allure of minimal coverage, rest assured there’s a bikini bottom out there designed to meet your needs, in the most literal sense.
Full Coverage Bikini Bottoms
First in line are the full-coverage bikini bottoms. A classic style from the swimwear hall of fame, these bottoms aim to provide maximum coverage. They offer a comfortable and secure fit, making them a popular choice for those who prioritise modesty and support in swimwear.
Styles like the Giovanna in camel, Bianca in white, and Jenna classic brief bikini bottom in various colours, exemplify the variety available in full-coverage bikini bottoms. So, if you’re looking for a bikini bottom that offers style without skimping on coverage, full-coverage bikini bottoms might be your perfect fit!
Medium/Moderate Coverage Bikini Bottoms
Moving on, we delve into medium-coverage bikini bottoms. Offering a balanced coverage option, these bikinis:
  • Allow you to be playful without compromising modesty
  • Provide a balanced look that is neither too revealing nor too conservative
  • Often resemble standard underwear briefs
The Jenna brown bikini bottom, Serena mid-rise bikini bottom in white, and the Nina bikini bottom in red terracota are all great examples of medium/moderate coverage bikini bottoms. Offering the best of both worlds, medium-coverage bikini bottoms could be an ideal choice for those who like to strike a balance!
Less Coverage Bikini Bottoms
If you’re among those who love to dare, less-coverage bikini bottoms should be your choice. Styles such as triangle and cheeky bottoms fall into this category, offering a bold and daring beachwear option.
The triangle bikini bottoms Tamara in lurex, Leah reversible, and the classic brief cheeky bikini bottom Diane are some examples of less coverage bikini bottoms. Ideal for maximum sun exposure and making a bold statement, less coverage bikini bottoms are all about embracing your confidence and owning your style!

Mixing and Matching Swim Separates

Having discussed body shapes and bikini styles, it’s time to add a fun element into the mix. Ever thought about creating your unique swimwear ensemble? Yes, we’re talking about mixing and matching swim separates! This approach allows you to blend different styles, prints, and colours to create a beach look that’s uniquely you.
Creating a Balanced Look
The key to successful mixing and matching lies in achieving a balanced look. This involves selecting swim separates like skirts or shorts and tops with specific necklines that flatter your midsection and enhance your neck length and shoulder shape.
For instance, you could pair a solid top with a printed bottom or vice versa, ensuring that the colours of the print complement the solid piece. You can also match accents like trims, ties, or hardware to create a cohesive look when mixing and matching swimwear.
It’s all about creating a harmonious ensemble that’s stylish and flattering, just like choosing the perfect dress.
Experimenting with Prints and Colours
Feel free to experiment with prints and colours while mixing and matching swim separates. Here are some ideas:
  • Combining patterns with solids
  • Choosing solids that match or contrast with a colour from the pattern
  • Pairing a bright tropical floral top with a solid-coloured bottom
These options can introduce variety and coordination in your swimwear, making it enjoyable to wear.
Remember, mixing different styles, textures, prints, and colours in swim separates adds visual interest and creates playful looks. So, let your creativity shine and make bold fashion statements at the pool or beach with your unique mix of prints and colours!
Embracing Your Personal Style
Though considering your body shape and keeping up with the latest trends are important, remember to incorporate your personal style into your swimwear selection. After all, the best swimwear is the one that reflects your personality and makes you feel comfortable and confident. So, go ahead and select swimwear and accessories that align with your individual style preferences.
Ultimately, your personal touch is the best style!

Shopping for Bikini Swimsuits Online

Armed with all this knowledge, you are now equipped to hunt for your perfect bikini. What’s more? You don’t even need to step out of your house. Welcome to the world of online swimwear shopping, where you can explore a diverse selection of styles, colours, materials, and prints from the comfort of your couch.
Given the extensive variety of styles, it’s crucial to keep your body shape, personal style, and comfort in mind when browsing through Remember,we keep up with the latest trends and offer a wide selection of products.
Understanding Sizing and Fit
It’s vitally important to comprehend sizing and fit while shopping for swimwear online. Use the sizing chart and consider customer reviews that indicate whether the swimsuit runs small or large to determine the best size for you.
You can also check customer-tagged photos, read reviews, and meticulously go over product details to understand how the swimwear fits on people with similar body sizes and shapes. And if you’re unsure about the fit of a bikini, don’t hesitate to reach out to customer service for additional information that may guide you in choosing the correct size.
Choosing the perfect bikini is more than just following trends. It’s about understanding your body shape, finding a style that suits you, ensuring a comfortable fit, and embracing your personal style. And with the convenience of online shopping, the perfect bikini is just a few clicks away. So, go ahead, explore, mix and match, and create your unique beach look. The sun, sand, and sea are waiting for you!

How can I determine my body shape for selecting a bikini?

To determine your body shape for selecting a bikini, take accurate measurements of your bust, waist, hip, and high hip. Then, identify your body type among apple, pear, athletic, hourglass, or rectangle. This will help you find a bikini that suits your body shape.

What factors should I consider when choosing a bikini bottom?

When choosing a bikini bottom, consider factors like fit, openness to different styles, desired coverage, material quality, and colour. Make sure to prioritise your comfort and confidence.

What are the different types of bikini bottoms?

There are many different types of bikini bottoms, such as high-waisted, hipster, boy shorts, classic brief, tie-side, triangle, thong, full coverage, medium/moderate coverage, less coverage, minimum coverage, Brazilian cut, high leg, and cheeky bottoms.

What are some tips for shopping for swimsuits online?

When shopping for swimsuits online, make sure to read the sizing chart and check tagged photos to understand how the swimwear fits on people with similar body sizes and shapes. Happy shopping!