St. Agni

Welcome to The DOM, the exclusive sanctuary for St. Agni, a brand celebrated for its contemporary wardrobing with considered design and precise tailoring. Born in the idyllic setting of Byron Bay, Australia, St. Agni crafts fashion for the discerning, modern consumer who cherishes minimalist elegance, comfort, and sustainability. Their design philosophy is rooted in a sophisticated and subtle aesthetic, skillfully merging classic and modern elements, with a focus on simplicity, clean lines, and organic textures. The end product is an array of versatile St. Agni attire and accessories that enable a smooth transition from day to night.


Dive into The DOM’s rich collection of St. Agni clothing, featuring a diverse range of categories across dresses, sandals, knitwear, bags, and midi dresses. Our St. Agni outlet ensures you're always dressed to impress - each piece is a testament to St. Agni's dedication to effortless style and comfort, underpinned by a commitment to sustainable and ethically-sourced materials. From the casual sophistication of St. Agni dresses to the relaxed opulence of their sandals, each item is a celebration of enduring fashion and minimalist aesthetic.


Whether you're gracing a summer party in a flowing St. Agni maxi dress or enjoying a leisurely weekend in their cozy knitwear, our St. Agni online sale has the perfect piece for any occasion. Furthermore, when you shop St. Agni at The DOM, you're not just enhancing your wardrobe, you're making a positive impact. St. Agni is steadfast in their commitment to sustainability, utilizing ethically-sourced materials, adhering to fair trade practices, and advocating slow fashion through their durable and long-lasting designs.


Here at The DOM, we echo St. Agni's values of sustainability, quality, and timeless style. Our St. Agni sale offers an incredible opportunity to upgrade your style at unmatched prices. Why pay full prices when savings of up to 60% are available at The DOM? Shop now!