Magali Pascal

Crafted with an unwavering attention to detail, Magali Pascal's designer womenswear and accessories are a celebration of timeless French style. Step into the world of effortfless femininity and Parisian elegance with The DOM's meticulously curated collection of designer Magali Pascal pieces that effortlessly encapsulate the brand's dedication creating hand-made garments with natural, high-quality fabrics that are reminiscent of warm European summer days.


Offering a harmonious blend of flattering silhouettes and elevated bohemian elements, Magali Pascal pieces are to be treasured if owned, with each piece consciously designed to celebrate the beauty of femininity. As a premier Magali Pascal outlet, The DOM couldn't be prouder to offer you access to a high-end, ready-to-wear collection that is symbolic of the romantic aesthetic of 1900s France. Traverse city streets with a long, flowing dress crafted with natural fabrications such as raw linen, silk or organic cotton. Pair your Magali Pascal dress with a classy blazer or handbag to fully embody the Parisian spirit perfectly encapsulated by Magali. 


The DOM's Magali Pascal sale provides an unmissable opportunity to explore this exceptional brand's creations, making designer clothing an accessible reality. With discounts of up to 60% off, now is the perfect chance to collect cherished items that are sure to be a wardrobe staple for years to come, from jackets to jumpsuits, shorts to skirts and tops to pants, to name a few. Each garment promises transformation and authentic modern feminity, a design philosophy that is in perfect alignment with the characteristics of The DOM. We couldn't be prouder to be one of Australia's exclusive Magali Pascal stockists. 


Embrace the fluidity of graceful movement that defines Magali Pascal's creations and unveil your most confident self by browsing our Magali Pascal collection of womens clothing today.