Ena Pelly

At The DOM, we’re proud to present our Ena Pelly sale collection, a Melbourne designer fashion label for women that specialises in jumpers, knitwear, coats and jackets. Since its inception in 2014, Ena Pelly has been redefining the fashion landscape with her unique blend of timeless design and eco-conscious ethos. From humble beginnings selling their iconic classic leather jackets at the South Melbourne markets, Ena Pelly is now available in Australia, New Zealand and America - a testament to the brand’s quality.

Each Ena Pelly garment is meticulously crafted to the highest standard and is designed to last a lifetime. From the warmth and comfort of Ena Pelly jumpers to the sophistication and trendiness of her coats and jackets, each piece is a celebration of individuality and timeless fashion. In addition to the renowned stature of Ena Pelly jumpers, they also stock other items of womens clothing that’ll make the perfect chic addition to your wardrobe. Explore our curated selection of Ena Pelly tops, pants, shorts, skirts, and dresses. Each piece reflects the brand's signature style and commitment to quality craftsmanship, offering an avenue for individual expression while embracing sustainable fashion.

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Unleash your unique fashion sense with pieces that blend sophistication, sustainability, and individuality. Experience the Ena Pelly difference and shop now to elevate your style with our exclusive Ena Pelly sale collection.